My first time I do feel discomfort about job thingy

What do you think about dismissal?

Last thing I’ve ever thought. Firstly, I am still young and I know it well that company could digging’ deeper my potential and improve my skill with their training that they will give to me. Yeah I’m still too young to notice about it. 1.5 years in job world is not enough to know exactly what is going on here and there. As I know (it was), I will be the bottom list in HRD who will got dismissal or PHK. I don’t feel threaten. I do feel safe.
Now I am wrong, I’m definitely wrong. Dismissal or termination is our biggest fear. Fear of wondering, especially when someone’s status are just contracted employee/engineers. You might be needed today, and tomorrow we’ll get fired. And we couldn’t fight.
Yesterday was just a bad day for some employees here. It was just too sudden. I’ve got an email from senior staff in HRD department that she has been fired. No announcement, no down-sized working place/cubicle, no serious meeting in town hall, no job vacancy posted on jobsdb or blah blah jobseeker bookmarked-site. It just happened. 5 employees here have been terminated effectively on this 25th October. *now I notice 4 of 5 employee here are not in here,I do not know why*. All of them are +40 y.o. It just screwed me up. It raised my anxiety as well. But that is not my point, I’m ready to be terminated at anytime he wants. But,I just think about them. The fired employee groups. I’m wondering what they feel. Just like lightning strikes their body in the afternoon. I’ve had some conversations with 2 engineers, they explained me about the reason. For me,it was just a corteous, it just unacceptable reasons. But they do have positive personality.
One of employee said to me, it’s unfinished. Still, today, me,him,her are able to get dismissal. I do not wanna explain the reason in here. Just wait a phone-call from my CEO, or he will approach me to follow him to his room. I just feel so damn pity with them. How about their children? Why must end of the year?When probably they already made some plan for long-vacation with their children. Do they *head management* consider about what they’ve given, they’ve sacrificed to this company so far?

I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare
I’m just a kid, I know that it’s not fair

I do not know anything yet in this job world. It might be cruel or fun. I’m just an amateur; absorb everything by its surface.

There is no moving creature on earth but its sustenance dependeth on Allah: He knoweth the time and place of its definite abode and its temporary deposit: All is in a clear Record. (Q.S Al Hud : 6)

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  1. Pisko says:

    well i just want to share about how you feel and what i know…it’s fine to feel that worriness or whatever they call it, but as you said earlier, you are “safe” but you have to know that being “safe” is not safe enough.. well i know the reason why, since i sit on a very “nice” position and i can access many information, but all i can say is “about time” for them.. i cant speak out loud here since this is a public room..

    well i’m safe too due to my management contract till oct 2012.. but to be honest, i wish i was on the list of “kicked” person so i can focus on my other work.. you know i dont belong here anymore, just try to survive day by day till i can jump free…

    it s not about kid or not…not even about maturity…
    it s just about the jungle law…survival of the fittest…just do your best everyday..

    this is only the playground..if you dont like it here you can move and find a better one, but if you like it to be here so build your sand palace as good as you can…

    btw…good article and good reads..
    sekian dan terima kasih…

    1. You are welcome and thank you for reading
      It feels empty when I notice she’s not coming and other engineer who always talk to me,who sits one area with me, who always tease me eventhough I do understand that he just kidding,haha.
      It shattered my heart and my mind, like Tita’s said,how about their family?How they continue the day after they got fired?

      “I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day” – E.B. White-

      Then they will ask a question regarding this quote
      ” How can I seize this beautiful day when I’m still here,at my home,nothing to do?I’m jobless”

      It just unfair for me

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