Love at the Coffee Shop


“Gaaah!!! Scumbag table. Who put this stuff in front of my eyes!”, Kelly shouted out loud. It was 6 a.m, 1 hour left before the coffee shop opened. She sat in the customer’s seat, felt the pain in her ankle spread on top of her body. She almost cried.

“What are you doing? Go get your uniform, dude”, her supervisor came from the kitchen, he knew what had happened to his staff, but he knew he must take some time to listen to her whining, he better close his eyes and pretend that nothing had happened  with her.

“Dude?  I’m a girl, Sir. Kelly Ruthrefoui”

“Why have you changed my shift into first shift? I am still sleepy, Siiiiir!!!”, she complained about her changing shift. She enjoyed her previous shift, second shift, from 4 p.m until drop. She could wake up in the afternoon, never met the morning sun. And now she had to wake up at 4 a.m.

Mr. Joe laughed at her and went back to the kitchen.

She changed her dress and put her cute headband on her head. She is ready fight for today, she was ready as hell,but then..

‘No way,geez. Who is he?’, a cute guy sat in front of the cashier desk, in front of her. A cute guy with black polo shirt, he was so tall, yet not really skinny. He raised his cup to Kelly. She looked back

‘Who’s behind me?’. None. She smiled at him, but his eyes starred at his Blackberry.

“Ah damn”, she brew a cup of coffee for a loyal customer there.

A cute guy left before she realized. She turned over her body and disappointed with her found, an empty chair with empty coffee. She could smell his glass, ‘wow, double espresso. Nice taste. Nice…face. And who served him? Where was I when he ordered? I will ask Tony, Rhoda and Azaka’. She was incredibly curious with this guy. A cute guy with black polo shirt.

It was 3 p.m already. Kelly prepared herself going back to her apartment.

“Tomorrow, 6 a.m. Don’t be late, Lady…”, Mr.Joe asked her

“Noted, Sir. I will come here at 5.30 a.m”

He just rolled his eyes and went back to kitchen.

“She will keep her promise,Sir. Believe her, at least for today”, Azaka joined the conversation and wink at Kelly. Kelly ignored her friend, she just knew Azaka likely wanted to insult her.

“Bye, everyone”, she left her boss and friend.


5.30 a.m

“Damn, when you promised me to come at 5.30 a.m, and now you’re literally come at 5.30?”, Mr. Joe was shocked when she saw Kelly on the customers seat, drinking a cup of coffee.

“Yes, Sir. As your requested”, Kelly laughed at him.

“But you haven’t change your uniform”, Mr,Joe winked at her.

“Hahahaa..still 30 minutes left,Sir”

Mr. Joe sat in front of her, his expression was so serious, Kelly exactly knew what he wanted to ask.

“Do you continue you school, Sist?”

Kelly took her face away from him. It’s a hard question, and hard to answer it without bursting into tears.

“No,Sir”, she played with her coffee cup. ‘Please change the topic,Sir’

“And do you want to go back to the college?”

“It’s rhetorical”, Kelly just smirk

Mr. Joe smiled, got up from his chair, and put his hands on her shoulder. “I’m sure, you can pursuit your dreams. You’re so smart, yet rebellious. Hahaha… But hey look… Oh, no crying, no crying”, Mr. Joe gave her a tissue.

“I’m sorry, I just, you remind me of my parents. They’re also felt so sure that I could reach my dream, becoming an engineer. Thank’s for the tissue anyway”

“Okay, now, change your shirt!!”

“Hahaha… Okay!”

‘Damn, where is he?’, Kelly starring at the wall-clock, 8 a.m already. She tiptoed to small room and peeked to other area, just in case a cute guy was sitting on other bench.

“Double espresso, please”, Kelly heard someone talking with Rhoda

‘Nooo… that’s my baby. Aaargh.’, Rhoda served him, a cute guy. Kelly felt so regret. When he sat, Kelly approached Rhoda.

“That should be me, Rhoda”

Rhoda just giggled and went back to the kitchen, to bake some pancake.

Kelly saw that guy, she noticed one thing, his face always looked lethargic, but Kelly thought it was just her feelings. However, he was still interesting for her.

Firstly, I saw you and I wonder who you are

Secondly, I saw you again and I’m still wonder who you are

Thirdly, I must know WHAT IS YOU NAME


15 p.m

“What?No way!!! Why must it be me? You can ask Tony,Sir”, Kelly complained to Mr. Joe who asked her for shift 2 tomorrow.

“Please,sis. Rhoda has to check up in hospital. Just one day”

Kelly felt so bad mood that afternoon. Her first effort to know his name was just disappeared, but her feelings of disappointment erased by respect for her boss.

“Yes, Sir. Go back home, everyone. Bye”

‘Step One: Cancelled’


Shift 2

“Good evening, Cantik”, Tony said Hi to Kelly

“What is Cantik?”, Kelly continued stepping her foot into the kitchen. She lost her first chance, and she just knew today would be her ordinary day, without a cute guy sittingt cutely in front of the cashier desk. In front of her.

“Cantik means pretty in Bahasa Indonesia. You want me to call you Cantik instead of Kelly?”

“No, thanks. Except that cute guy call me”

“Yeah..whatever”, Tony rolled his eyes and brewed some coffee

‘Time goes by so sloooowlyyy… without him in my heart’, Kelly sang a mellow song. Mr. Joe just shook his head.

“Wow it’s midnight already. Bye,everyone!!!”

“You wanna go out with us? To the club? Or central park.”, Tony asked Kelly

“No, I am so sleepy. Bye”

Tony left Kelly first with his friends.

Kelly walked towards the motorcycle parking area. It was past midnight but still a lot of activities there. This city never sleeps. Her eyes captured one person and pursuit him  slowly. ‘ I bet it is him, yeah I know it is’

If I don’t try’ I dont hope

And now I will try

I will call him and introduce my self

He stopped by a building. One creepy building, it’s odd. Kelly even not realize that those building was so colorful on midnight. Kelly approached him. And..


“Oh, Hi… Kelly”, his expression was changed, full of anxiety.

“How come you know my…”, Kelly said, surprised that cute guy already recognized her name

“You may go”




He lead Kelly to hidden place.

“Don’t hope so much with me”, then he left her, alone

Kelly saw his back, walked to those shiny creepy building, Kelly was shocked for what he did to her.

‘I even didn’t start my effort yet’.

She walked into her apartment; she slightly stared on those buildings, and him. From the distance, Kelly saw an old lady approached that cute guy, kissed him deeply, hand in hand and entered the room.

‘Is it a brothel?’, she wondered herself, but no one could answered it in the night.

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