Because I’m..G/R/ay

Me as my self
For the stay I chose in my purpose
Not decided to take a risk with my first step
Being here, even not moving my foot to the other side
Is the safest place
Is the wiser decision I’ve ever made

Me as my self
For the silence I made
Much better than keep my mouth open and someone will get hurt

For the option that I’ve taken, and indeed, I’m incline at the option
But I prefer to not to choose that
Unmoved, or budged as my decision
I just don’t want to guess of any risks I face at the future
Even without guessing, yeah I already knew what I will receive then if I choose that option
My consequences, yes I do know

For the gray I chose, as my final decision, doesn’t mean I hate the purity of white or the mystical of black
I’m just feeling doubt of being genuine with the white or being hypocrite with the black
I chose gray, as the safest color I’ve decided
Does mean I can feel the white, and also the black
And I ain’t going to choose one of them
I guess

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