Luka I

I never had a good reason to hate you, nor make a distance of you

Just a simple question why are you trying to hide things that you don’t have to be hidden, it’s a taboo

Let’s imagine, if I already have a tons of hopes and the feelings become deeper, what are you gonna do?

It’s not your business, you just simply simple as a man, and how do you react is just make it simple

But indeed, girls tends to make things more complicated, especially if it is all about her crush

It’s not a vice-versa relationship, it is a professional relationship, just make it clear, so it is easy for me to continue this main thingy than to re-think how I’m feeling when I’m with  you.

It is an awkward position when I wanna more than just a professional relationship

It is an awkward thought when I wanna to stay here longer because of you

It is an awkward me when I can’t control my self to stay not far from you just because you offered the good chemistry in me

I think it just irreversible; it is not reversible chemical reaction

The hidden things has been opened just now, when I tried to make a deeper feeling on you

It is done. Let me kill you, let me do the assassination, here

I kill your character here, through my writing

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