#MagicalMay Day 10

Ah, it’s not too late to start I guess, since I’ve read someone’s tweet about Magical May Project, and someone’s blog just now. well it’s just an initiative project I thought, to be more grateful for what you have done for someone or what you have got from someone.

Well, so far, here is my magical May of Thursday :


1. How can I explain for someone that I hope so much to God please let me see him today. I took my positive resonance to say ‘yes I will meet him eventhough just for a minute’, and thank you for the early Dzuhur, I met him. Engh.. is it okay if I could do praying sooner than yesterday? Because I want to chase his shadows? Haha.. Tori Udon! Walla.. I saw you, finally!!


2. You have no idea to describe what are you  feeling when your boss give you a nice compliment for something that you might think simple. Yeah, I felt it, today. And so grateful to read his email. Say thank you for what I’ve done this afternoon, and got simple reply

Dear Farah. You have captured the discussion very well and I am attaching the MoM with my minor revision

Subanallah. Really, I’m so impressed for what his did to me. He is so damn down to earth as an CEO. And he is one of my inspiration I decided to join this Magical May Project.


That’s all? No.. I will update it very soon. It’s still 5 p.m, still 7 hours left. Would you mind to join with us? To grateful for simple think that we never realize it before?

Try it, I’m loving it 🙂

                         I AM GRATEFUL TO ALLAH SWT




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