(P)review : Permainan Kelaparan


May the odds be ever in your favor. (Familiar with this greetings, eh?)

Today, I would like to give you some information regarding my (P)review about The Hunger Games movie (and its book). Why IS IT review instead or preview? Because I already read the book and also watched the movie. But, this is one OF my habit, I prefer to read the book first before watch the movie. And I voluntarily admit that I always hundreds steps backward from my friends. Because everytime they ask “have you seen the movie? It WAS awesome!!!” then I just shook my head “not yet. I haven’t read his/her book”. Poor me. Such a bookworm. Aha.

 The Hunger Games, it has great plot. You know, there’s an annual completion involved by 24 teens from 12 – 18 years old, do battle to the death. Games only end when one child is left alive.

Firstly, I read the book first. I just read it recently, about 3-4 month ago, too late if I compare with others. But it’s okay. So for the book I’ve got the movie cover, not the original one. Then the movie was playing on cinemas. Too late for me, I won’t watch it before I finish the book. Moreover, I’m very keen on with books after the movie, then I compare it one-by-one what’s exist in the movie and what’s not, or maybe the producer makes something different, the plot, the ending. For instance, Angels and Demons, if you’ve read the book and watched the movie, you will get the differences, a huge difference. Just one essential thing, the ending. It’s different. Let’s read if I you feel curious.

Now I will explain what the differences between the movie and the book are. Just give you some information for those who just watch the movie but not yet read the book. In order to dig your curiosity then you will read the book, things I noticed are:

·         What is Tessera? Did the producer even mention Tessera in this movie? did Not, yeah I know. I’ve ever tweeted about Tessera thingy and no one response it except the reader of the Hunger Games. They just said wheat, instead of Tessera, we could see in conversation between Katniss and Gale. Tessera, supply of grain and oil for one person. But for those who will get one tessera, should have their name added for additional times to the reaping. For instance, Gale has got 42 tessera, it means he puts 42 additional times of his name for Hunger Games.

·         Who knows Madge? No? So, from whom Katniss got his Mockingjay pin? From old lady at Hob, right? There was a fairly big change.  Katniss received the Mockingjay pin from her friends, Madge Undersee, Mayor’s daughter from District 12.

·         The Avox Girl! She was disappear! Geez, it’s quite essential for me. She takes the short story for Katniss and Gale in the past. Avox – a toungeless servant for the Capitol, punished forever T_T

·         Cinna, supposed to be a sweet-generous-handsome-guy. Not Lenny Kravitz! Nooo… He was beyond my imagination. And the relationship between Cinna and Katnis was ambiguous.

·         Muttations, gigantic dogs in hunger. It’s not an ordinary creature. It’s a man-made-creature, from the tributes who already fallen/death. They are mutants. Again, not mentioned in the movie.

·         After the tribute’s death. There was a hovercraft pick up his/her body, they brought their body out of the stadium. In this movie, even the hovercraft was not appearing during the games.

·         During the first day of Hunger Games, she found the water source easily. In the book written there that, she took a few days and finally she found the water. Cut-off the duration I guess.·          Rue, points the nest of dangerous bee, but not advised Katniss to drop onto the enemies. No biggie, it’s visually dramatics to show how friendly Rue is.

·         Oh ya, after Rue’s death. Suddenly, people from District 11 revolts against the peacekeepers. As I know, people from District 11 sent Katniss a bread, to sign a highest honor for Katniss. It’s a huge difference!! Geez..

·         The Fox Face, the silent competitor from District 5. I thought she will be more agile. But she just sprints to take the food pyramid and the bag. I expected too much. (I THOUGHT SHE WILL PERFORM A SUMMERSAULT HERE AND THERE, to show her agility).

·          What happened to the game maker? Why did he forced to eat the nightlock berries? I don’t know, not written in the book.

·         Cato was very cute!! It was a big mistake I guess. I enjoyed staring at his face. He should be cruel-ruthless face-boy!!

One message from the Capitol citizen: You are freaking insane! Enjoy those horrible games!! Geez!!

The Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, LoTR books and movies were amazing and imaginative. I hope they can make the imaginative and amazing movie just like in the books for Catching Fire. Phew.

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