Culinary Review: 4Fingers – Citos


This is my first post, review about culinary thingy. Then I feel so regret to realize, I’ve never wrote my review about foods and beverages, whereas I really love to eat, hunting yum yum food etc.  God damn, duh! One of my big mistakes.


Two days ago, Tita and I went to Citos. After a long discussion via y!m, I recommended her to breakfasting at My Pancake. I’m kinda comfort-zone hunter I guess, if I notice this food/beverage is good, I would like to recommend my friend to revisit those resto, instead of try another one. Phew. Moreover, I prefer to choose the same menu. I think I can’t be a good food lovers, not yet.


Well, Tita decided to pick 4 Fingers at Citos. I didn’t know, but I smell junk-food things here and I did not like it. But Tita convinced me it’s different than another fast food restaurant and gave me the website link. Firstly, they have a unique design, both of the restaurant and the website. Click here


This fast-food resto rings the Korean-Art resto, with street style. Nice, I interested with Katsu when I read the menu.


Oke, here we go..


Similar with the other fast food resto, only a few beverage menu, like Milo, Nestle Tea, mineral water. On website written there Capuccino, Coffee, etc. Meh, never mind. It’s understandable.


Here’s the tray. Love it!

Upsize Nestle Green tea (13,000)


Love the concept!! With cement flooring, and graffiti look-like, oh not, not graffiti, hand writing written onto the wall, and we found one yellow pipes above our head.


Then I ordered Chicken Katsu Sandwich, Tita ordered Chicken Chop, we ordered 4 pieces of Chicken, we chose Hot and Garlic.


Chicken Katsu Sandwich (39,000 something) and Chicken Chop with Small Soda and French Fries (51,818)

4 pc Chicken (20,818 something)


Chicken Katsu tastes fair, so-so. Well, I expected more. I expected the chicken and mayo will be combined together, bring out the juicy taste and yummy when I chew it. No, I didn’t taste it.


Seasoned Chicken was much better. Coated with spicy and garlic season. I like it.


Chicken chop was not so different with chicken, just chicken meat, coated with seasoning, with big size.


Overall, it’s nice to try 4Fingers. I consider coming back there; to try another all-chicken-menu here, but maybe I will order the Chicken. Actually, I’m not very keen on with fast food restaurant.




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