Review: Olives House – Summarecon Mall Serpong


Last Thursday I met up with my 2 besties, Tobi and Arti. Due to fasting (just me actually), I set up the first place to met up for my breakfasting and dinner, and I chose Olive’s House.This restaurant is serving the Japanese and Western food.  It was my first try, so I could post in to my blog. Hehe..

Before I decided to go here than the other restaurants in Summarecon Mall Serpong, I did the browsing to see some reviews from food lover. Most of ‘em said that the decoration is very nice, cozy, and the food tastes so yum-yum, they gave 5 out of 5 for the dishes, service, etc. Well, let me try by my self then. My first impression when I entered the room, “Uwooow… the color, the decoration looked so stunning, white and purple mixed together, love the ambience, so romantic.” It could be better if I asked someone special to join. Engh.. only two of us. Whoopsie. :p

                                                                                                                 Looooove the Interior!!!


Firstly, I ordered Moccachino Vin for the breakfasting, and Beef Grilled Salad.

                                                                                                      Beef Grilled Salad 26,8 K something

Beef Grilled Salad: made from grilled beef, shaved kyuri, vegetables (lettuce, onion, etc), and peanut chili dressing. I love the salad without mayonnaise actually. The chunky beef with good size was so juicy,. I thought it could be for more than one person, then I asked Arti to share the salad with me, but I found this salad was just only for one person. It tasted little spicy from the chili dressing. I like it!! >_<

                                                                                                     Moccachino Vin 18.6 K something

Moccachino Vin: I ordered for my breakfasting. Love it! The coffee, cream, chocolate mixed so nice. Perfect.  I was worry with my gastro; I thought order pure coffee was not a wise option. But instead of tea, I ordered coffee. What a coffee-lover. :p

                                                                                                            Owner’s Pizza 37 K something

The last, we ordered Pizza, thin crispy pizza named Owner’s Choice. Cheese, beef, if I’m not wrong. It tasted good. I even ate 3 slices and still.. it wasn’t enough, I think I could eat a whole pizzas there if I didn’t realize I still had Tobi and Arti. Haha. Never mind.

Perhaps, I’m very keen on with thick dough pizza, Indonesian pizza :p So I prefer to eat Pizza Hut.

I really love the service!! Yessss!! When I came, one of the waiters provided one media like a big bag beside my chair, likely to put my stuff, laptop, my two bags, etc. And I said to them kindly deliver the food and beverage right after adzan, and they did. Even one of the waiter reminded me every 5 minutes, countdown for adzan maghrib.


I will not consider visiting here, I directly come here. I love the interior, food, service. Walla!!


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