Culinary Review : Wedangan Sruput Sendok – Fatmawati

Wedangan Seruput Sendok



Actually I’ve seen this place for two weeks ago at 7 p.m. And having a colleague who has food-fetish is such a great moment, Bu Elly, her name. I always trapped in the same appetite, the same resto or cafe, and need someone like her to open my eyes, pay attention with potential food surround Fatmawati – Cilandak.

This afternoon she asked me to join with her in one place named “Wedangan Sruput Sendok.”


“Tempat ini cabang dari Solo, kalau di Solo Pak Jokowi suka main kemari, makanya pas dia jadi Gubernur disini, dia nanya kapan buka di Jakarta, jadi kami buka disini juga”, the owner said.


In the afternoon, you can just order Nasi  Rames, Soto with rice , Selat (like traditional bistik, beef with soy sauce and vegetables), lauk pauk (quail egg, tempe, tahu, etc), and gorengan (pisang goreng, 4k each). And for the beverages you can order Kencur with Honey. But if you want to order Bandrek, Wedhang, even Beras Kencur, you have to wait until 6 p.m above. The other dishes you can find here are nasi kucing, roti bakar, jaddah, pisang goreng, etc. Glup!! Yummy!

 Nasi Rames

Nasi Rames, 10 k

I ordered Nasi Rames, 10 k, reasonable price for me. Rice+potatoes+tempe+ayam suwir+egg+sambal. Yummy!! I like the sensation after I ate it. Kenyang tapi nggak kenyang. Hahah!!


Well, I love the place, the traditional chair and table, the lesehan, the lamp, the atmosphere. Although the place is located on the road side, but I don’t know, still got the angkringan atmosphere.


Love it!!


The Interior

Will back to this place soon, especially at 6 p.m, will try Kopi Jozz (6k), Jaddah (9k something), Wedhang (10k), Beras Kencur, etc.


Kain batiiiik… even you can buy ’em all!!

How can you find this place?


From Gedung Ventura or Lebak Bulus, if you find Fatmawati intersection, turn left, it’s about 200 m from the intersection. After Ganto Minang Restaurant. Simply to find it from the green-red banner right on the roadside.



From Depok, you can use Deborah non-AC (Depok – Lebak Bulus) and you stop at Fatmawati Intersection, then you cross the street to the right, and walk straight ahead until you find the green-red banner “Wedangan Sruput Sendok.”


Enjoy your food in ‘ngeleseh’ position!! :]


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