I’ve experienced great treatment for my first time with Melrose Aesthetic

“Does it hurt?”

“Will I get addictive with those kinds of treatment?”

Patient and hospitality inside this room from the customer service, I took my decision to experience my first facial at Lippo Karawaci (Upper Ground beside May May Saloon). Having never had one before. Previously I heard from my friends (had their got this kinda treatment in another aestheticians clinic 4-5 years ago, I’m late :p ), this treatment hurts (‘til you burst your tears, no!! ), get yourself addicted. But I got brochure that Melrose provides different methods in compare with others aesthetic, those treatments provides from Japan, less irritation and less hurt guaranteed. And I believe, so I decided to visit this place.


I said yes (and prayed so hard It would be okay) and the staff escort me to another room for consultation. My face was inside some instruments with UV light or else I didn’t notice and tadaaa… it appeared fluorescence, my teeth changed into green, my lipstick changed into pinkish, grease on my face appeared in orange spots, my acne appeared into greenish, even my panda eyes looked clearer (black as its finest dark #sigh). I just had a few acnes, and I have T – zone oily face, and panda eyes due to my sleepless and insomnia, huhu.. So after consultation, I took 3 treatments: Basic Treatment (Smooth Cleansing, 120 k), Optional Treatment (Acne Treatment for Oily Skin, 70 k), and Additional Treatment (Eye Treatment, 70 k).



consultation room

Lucky me, every first visit, we get 20% of for every treatment, yeay!!!

Here the steps of my treatments, it only took less than 1.5 hr!! Whoo – hoo

Prior the treatment, beauty staff put something behind my back and nape, and supply electricity with low – power to my spine in order to accelerate the blood flow through the body, so relaxing.

  1. Cleansing
  2. Cleansing Foam, nice scent, lovely
  3. Serum 1, with technology called ‘Rosereve Pro’, a unique treatment, serum, covered by something like clothes, and I felt smooth – massage in this step
  4. Serum 2, similar with step 3
  5. Massage (Face and Eye, separable treatment), so relaxing, with Shiatsu Technique from Japan.
  6. Eye Cream, covered by the cloth, the cream was cool, soothing my eyes, refreshing. Lovely!
  7. Face cream
  8. Back massage
  9. Head massage
  10. Excellent Service, I’m satisfied!!

Every step performed, the staff explained me the function of this cream, or massage.  After the treatment you can choose mineral water or ocha as your drink.

Less hurt, indeed!! Not sure because I just had 3 acne and less comedos on my face or the staff treat me so well so I didn’t feel anything.

I’ll be back here to pamper myself!! Thank you so much for the nice place, friendly and skillful staff, and also reasonable price!!


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  1. Esthetic Melrose says:

    Arigato Gozaimasu…
    Thank you for your coming in Esthetic Melrose and thank you for writing this blog. It is a great honor for us and we will keep the best service for our customer.

    Mata omachi shite orimasu ( we always wait for your next visit)..:)

    Esthetic Melrose

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