Here’s your Writing Invoice, Ma’am

Pfuuuh.. I’ve seen (again) my annual report 2012 from

I saw the total posts (186 and I said ‘wow!!’), visitors from 44 countries (so I’d like to say, WOW!!!), busiest posts on November 2012 (matabelo), my attraction posts (nod my head), how they found my blog (silly but true, they found my blog from these keywords ‘Some visitors came searching, mostly for kupu-kupu, burung elang, kupu-kupu cantik, hati yang hancur, and kupu kupu.’), and also my most active comments (or I can call it my secret admirers, #sigh forget it, I’m just trying to make myself happy to have someone become my fan)




I evaluate myself. how many posts so far in 2013? I just realized that so far.. from Jan – June 2013, I’ve been posting for only 60 posts. What – a – shame.

I checked my monthly posts, even in certain month, I’ve posted less than 10 postings!! Gaaah!!!! *scream out loud I hate it!!*

So, this is my simple project, we call it Proyek Bayar Hutang, haha..

What is this project stands for? I would like to pay my writing invoices, to replace my previous month that should be more active, more postings.

I’m gonna pay for that for now on, at least from this June

So, don’t ask me (or that’s okay if you click Unfollow button due to my active posts, it will take > 3 posts/day) anymore and do not hesitate to give some advice, what kind of posting that can be easily read by everyone?

Science article? Checked

Culinary review? Checked

Aesthetic review? Checked

Novel draft? on my way, Madam



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