What type of gamer/reader are you?

Have you ever feel guilty to stop your game or book.. that you have not finished yet? It’s just two rounds left before Game Over, or fifty pages left before the ending and you need to stop your activities due to something comes up to you suddenly and you have to finish it as soon as possible. #sigh

So, what kind of gamer/reader are you?

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, clinical psychologist Matthew Willhelm suggests it has to do with personality type:

Certain types of people are more likely to push through a book. Dr. Wilhelm theorizes that people with competitive, Type-A personalities might be more likely to abandon a book because they tend to be motivated by reward and punishment, and “if there are no consequences or public recognition, why finish??

Conversely, he says more laid-back, Type-B personalities may never start a book they know they won’t finish. The more important motivator of finishing a book, says Dr. Wilhelm, is social pressure, which is why book clubs are so good at getting readers to the epilogue.

“There is a tendency for us to perceive objects as ‘finished’ or ‘whole’ even though they may not be. This motivation is very powerful and helps to explain anxiety around unfinished activities.”

Not everyone has the problem of a guilt-ridden half-finished book. But how about type A? There are the tips that can make you remove your guilty feeling:

1. Bailing the book and game is not bad. Think about how many days you have after today to spend your time finish your book/game.

Not effected by first tips?


2. Spare your 1-full-day to finish it, it sounds crazy for me (I choose Type B), but if you really can not remove your guiltiness so bring it on, finish it!! Haha

3. Speed up your reading, and take another day to re-read the book to get better explanation/plot.

Good luck!!


http://lifehacker.com/ with additional information and comment from the blogger
Wall Street Journal with additional input


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