Take this Challenge: Personal Energy Meter

I just visited to Natgeo’s web and I realized today/ or.. yesterda was Global Wind Day. I interested with one challenge there called “Personal Energy Meter”, so I clicked here, don’t forget to select you country first, Indonesia (or else).

Then, it appeared information about my country here, it’s written as follows:

A top exporter of both coal and liquefied natural gas, Indonesia may see much of its future export growth stifled by its own domestic energy needs. The Southeast Asian archipelago has the region’s largest natural gas reserves, but its own power generation facilities are underdeveloped. Rampant rain forest destruction has made Indonesia one of the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters.

I feel like.. not offended but feel ashame with the last 15 words written there, bold above there.. *close my eyes* #deepsigh

I you scroll down, you see there are some information, who has taken this challenge in our country, average score and the biggest score for all around the world. So.. I took my stel to the next challenge.

Then, the questions appeared, oh ya, do not forget to prepare the answer first, or ask your famili, haha

1. How much electricity do you use in your home each month? (I should ask my parents #giggle, but if you can’t find the detail answer, you can swipe the button there, it will be automatically appeared you kilowatt based on how many lamps on)

2. What percentage of your home electricity is renewable? (I said none 😦 )

3. Oil, Natural Gas, Kerosene and Propane : How much oil do you use each winter as home heating fuel? (I chose 0, I think this question is not applicable in my country)

4.Do drive a vehicle? (I clicked No, I don’t. I take public transportation for daily activities, just in special occasion)

5. How much do you travel by rail each year? (Commline, if I reach my home using comeline, I think it’s just 30 kms/ day x 100 days (not everyday, just if I stay in project client = 3,000 kms)

6. Short Flights: How many short (less than 450 km) one-way flights do you take each year?  10 flights/ year

Medium Flights: How many medium (between 450 and 1600 km) flights do you take each year? 0 flight/year

Long Flights: How many long (greater than 1600 km) flights do you take each year? 2 flights/ year

So, here is my final results!!

Final Result Personal Energy 1

Final Result Personal Energy 2So, do you wanna take this challenge?? *wink

And don’t forget to share

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