My self-motivation: Consistency Matters with Workout

Due to the distance (it’s quite far from Cilandak to fitness centre in Depok), and also tight schedule, unfinished tasks, it’s hard to keep up my consistency with exercise. I think it might be easier if my fitness club just in one building with my own office. #deepsigh


So I’ve got this great article from Lifehacker (as usual, additional with my own opinion), and hopefully you guys can enjoy this article and pushing to start your exercise from now even more routine.

Aerobic or anaerobic, to make sure you can come back to fitness-centre the day after is to make sure you empower your motivation with enjoying your previous session. With good music, good exercise, less injury, ideal weight while exercise free-weight.Longer periods between exercise sessions potentially could dull that enthusiasm.

While exercising, injury (due to excess weight or else) can rise after a multiday layoff, but two-days breaks it’s quite ideal, and you can come back there to exercise and make your body toned.

Find Your Fitness Buddy,

Find someone who can drag you to the gym when you have so many excuse to postpone your workout. Find someone who has one vision with you, and support each other (this is is difficult thing to do, find my workput buddy #sigh).


Pick Your Favorite Exercise,

Pick your ideal exercise, I love elliptical machine instead of treadmill, or free-weight instead of tai-chi or aerobic class. Choose your favorite ones, so you can enjoy your workout. Make those workouts something you’ll actually look forward to doing, and you’ll be more likely to do them. With luck, eventually you’ll look forward to them at the end of a long day or a great way to jumpstart your morning.


Good luck!!!


workoutThis picture was taken from here






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