I promise this is my last quiz I share.. for today!! Haha.. I just can’t hold my fingers to click other quizzes about environment and  I love it so much. Gain more knowledge for our action to do something better for the EARTH!!

Compare you score with me, good luck!!

  1. T or F? Global warming is caused only by natural factors?
  2. Which country currentlyy emmits the most greenhouse gases?
  3. Which planet’s poisonous atmosphere has been described as the product of a “runaway greenhouse effect”?
  4. Which of following lightbulb types uses the least energy, and therefore results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions?
  5. How many human deaths per year does the World Health Organization attrobute to climate change?
  6. How long does it take for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to disperse?
  7. Which Arctic animal do many scientists consider most vulnerable to extinction due to global warming?
  8. T or F? Global warming is accleretaed by the reduction of global snow and ice cover.
  9. T or F? A rise in global temperature is expected to increase of malaria.
  10. During what time of dat does air travel have the least damaging effect om the environment?
  11. Hybrid car get better gas mileage than cars with standard engines?
  12. Which of the following industries could be negatively affected by global warming?


These questions are multiple choice, or just with T or F answer, for more challenging games and compare my score (I know I’ll be the lowest), click here  —>  Global Warming Quiz


My score: 6 of 12!! You are global warming wise!! Huhu..

No asking, no cheating, no googling!! Take this quiz. Good Luck!!! 🙂


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