Hei, Test You Eco-IQ here!!

Hi again, so I (again) found interesting quiz regarding Eco-IQ issue. I’m sure this will be your first step to start eco-life and eco-green style (if you implement it for sure). Still, challenge your score with me. I give  you the clue of the questions. No asking! No googling! No cheating!!

  1. Which uses less water, washing a full load of dishes by hand or dishwasher?
  2. What type of supermarket bag is more ecofriendly, paper bag or plastic?
  3. True of False? Appliances that are turned off don’t use any electricity?
  4. T or F? Hybrid cars are slower and less safe than conventional car?
  5. Approximately how much of global electricity  output is produced from renewable sources?
  6. About how much money do you save by replacing a single incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescence light (CFL)?
  7. T or F? It is better to leave a lamp with a compact fluorescent light on that to turn it on a whole day?
  8. T or F? During a whole tip, During a long trip, you conserve more fuel by driving fast and getting your destination sooner than you do by going the speed limit?
  9. Dropping the thermostat from 70 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit saves you about how much on your heating costs?
  10. Which of the following is an alternative material for making paper?


My score:

6 of 10, You;re a green genious!! Lalala yeyeye!!!

These questions are multiple choice, for more challenging games and compare my score (I know I’ll be the lowest), click here – —> Eco-IQ Quiz

Get yours here!! Good luck!! 🙂


This picture was taken from here


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