Take this Challenge: Drinking Water and Sanitation Quiz

Hi pals, take this interesting quiz about drinking water and sanitation. Don’t just drink it, challenge yourself to answer this questions!! No cheating, please!! No asking!! No gooling!! xD

  1. Where does drinking water come from?
  2. How many people lack access to clean water?
  3. How many people die everyday for waterborne disease?
  4. Freshwater can be unsafe for drinking water for which of the following reasons?
  5. Which of the following are methods of sanitation water for drinking?
  6. Desalination plants produce how many drinkable water a day?
  7. How many liter of water does it take to produce a liter of water?
  8. What percentage of people worldwide do not have water piped to their homes?
  9. On average, how far do women in developing countries walk to get water?
  10. What country consumes the most bottled water per capita?


My score: I only got 2 of 10!! *damn, I’m sucks!!

Honestly, the questions was very detail. I mean, it was not just test my quality of water, but also quantity. But thanks natgeo, every wrong or right answers, there are some short explanation regarding the answers.

These questions are multiple choice, for more challenging games and compare my score (I know I’ll be the lowest), click here – —> Drinking Water and Sanitation Quiz

Good luck!!



This picture was taken from here

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