Last Test: Fidelity Test, ehem..

(nggak jadi ambil)

Pertanyaannya nggak asik – asik, jadi.. saya langsung ke kuis lain yang seru, namanya:


Can You Complete Under Pressure?


‘Can you compete under pressure?’ aims to be the biggest ever study of the psychology of pressure. By analysing the data from those who take part, the scientists who designed it aim to shine unprecedented light on what affects performance under pressure. In doing so, they’ll discover something new about pressure in sport and in everyday life.

In this article, Professor Andy Lane of the University of Wolverhampton and Professor Peter Totterdell of the University of Sheffield explain more about what the experiment will reveal.



Wkwkw.. Ternyata test – lab BBC nya sedang tutup. Datang lagi esok hari, oke. Nanti saja kalau begitu, hmmm..

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