Science of Electricity Quiz


So, here’s the rules, there are 12 questions about electricity. Don’t just use that, but know the history or any other information regarding electricity.

Electricity makes our modern world possible, but how much do you really know about it? Take this quiz and find out.

  1. When transistors found?
  2. What kind of electric current (DC or AC) did Nikola Tesla favor?
  3. How old is the oldest text that mentions electricity?
  4. What modern device bears electric experimentalist Michael Faraday’s name?
  5. (sorry, copy paste missed)
  6. The first “large-scale” electrical network was switched on in Manhattan in 1882 by Thomas Edison. How many customers did that network serve?
  7. When was the Leyden jar invented?
  8. Capacitors store energy in a circuit and are used in many applications. What were they originally called?
  9. How much electric energy does the world produce in a year?
  10. What’s an electromagnet?
  11. Which country uses, and generates, the most electricity?
  12. Can static electricity kill you?


You Scored 50%

You answered 6 out of 12 questions correct!

acer lamp



Source : here

Dare to start? Find your result here —> Live Science Quiz



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