Silly Thing I’ve Done to My Friend (my apology)

“Negeri di Atas Awan” group has been created by my friend named Yooset Koj a few days ago with purpose to discuss our plan to visit Mt Slamet next August (now I’m feeling itchy itchy itchy on my feet, fiuh.. ). These members are related, just 5 people (exclude me) whom I sure they have percentage 89% to go (and I’m the spontaneous, flexible one if this is about go hiking, tracing somewehere new, islandhoping etc).


Hai Sriti Anzi  Aufa, Samar Hotur, Njirwana  Agb, Nufza Rivai  .. this story is inspiring by you guys.

Funny thing, we have two people there with ‘harmful’, ‘sensitive’, and ‘vulnerable’ gadget named Blackberry. If we send some emoticon repeatedly, over and over again, their gadget would turn into something they really did not to happen: HANG.


But we, as Android lover was happy. And make ’em as two victims.

I don’t know how many groups they have in Whatsapp (I have > 10, and it’s okay so far, eventhough I have jadul smartphone, but so far she’s smart indeed), I don’t know how much capacity remains, I don’t know how many unimportant applications they kept, but if we sent them some cool emot in one chat (don’t ever think we just send them only 1 emo, we’ve sent hundred, perhaps, in one Enter).

Like magic, if Sriti Anzi Aufa, Samar Hotur and I sent them that emos, their gadget started to hang. No response from ’em.

Yooset Koj, Nufza Raivai, kindly change your gadget into the stronger one, so we are not gonna appointed you to be our victims anymore.

And we just giggled, and laughing out loud there.




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  1. Postingannya masih kurang, apalagi tentang ‘sekali dipancing, koinnya keluar semua’ 😛

    1. Sebenernya mau negasin tentang kejadian lucu itu, jackpot buat si anu sama ehem itu, kalau hape mereka serapuh hatinya. Hihi. Tapi pasti gue tambahin kok, Samar Hotur!! (–,)

  2. hape mereka serapuh hatinya <~ maksud'e opooooo ? (¬_¬")

    1. ya kalian itu, hakhakhak!

      1. tapi yg rapuh cuma hapenya, bukan hatinya (¬_¬”)

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