My Hotel and Attraction Reviews on Trip Advisor Account

It’s a honor for me to give some recommendations to people about hotel/hostel/guest house that I’ve ever stayed. But honestly, I prefer to give my review through Trip Advisor, or Agoda as its best, because their websites has function to give us some consideration about places. Useful.

Trip Advisor Account

Photo Source: Farah Soraya

Some of the hotels I stayed during my vacation (exclude business trip, it’s determined by company or client, but they will choose the best hotel, not budget traveler standard :p ) was basically from reviews via those sites. I grabbed lotta information from the reviewer, consider what’s the most rating from them, the bad one or the nice one, details location, tips how to choose room properly, etc. Sometimes the official website from hotel not giving us detail information (like deposit money, wifi charge, no amenities, no complimentary drink, etc)

From my experience, I decided to sign up to their account, submit reviews for any attractions place, hotels, etc to give the reader information.

So, attached here the link of hotel that I’ve reviewed. It will be updated regularly, you can click here or simply add me to your Trip Advisor account.

But after I posted it to my Trip Advisor account, I usually connect it to my Facebook. Enjoy.



1. December Jeju Hotel Review, Jeju – South Korea

2. Hyundai Residence Hotel, Seoul – South Korea

3. Miracle Grand Convention Hotel, Laksi – Thailand

4. Nasa Vegas Hotel, Bangkok – Thailand

5. Grandmas Tuban Hotel – Bali

6. Merbabu Guest House – Malang


1. Korean Train Xpress, South Korea


1. Ramkhamhaeng University Night Market, Bangkok – Thailand

2. Kapal Tsunami, Banda Aceh – Indonesia

3. Lampuuk Beach, Banda Aceh – Indonesia

4. Wat Pho (The Reclining Buddha), Bangkok – Thailand

5. Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo – Central Java

6. Sikidang Crater, Wonosobo – Central Java

7. Telaga Warna, Wonosobo – Central Java

8. Cheonggyecheon River, Seoul – South Korea

9. Myeongdong Hyper Shopping, Seoul – South Korea


1. The House of Raminten, Jogjakarta – Indonesia

2. Ah Poong Restaurant, Sentul – West Java

3. Rempah Wangi, Fatmawati – South Jakarta

4. The Valley, Bandung – West Java

5. I Made Joni, Ubud – Bali

6. Seniman Coffee Studio, Ubud – Bali

7. Gampoeng Aceh, Dago – Bandung

8. PT. Rasa – Bandung

9. Lasagna Gulung, Taman Kencana – Bogor

10. Death By Chocolate, Taman Kencana – Bogor

11. Bakso Bakar Pak Man – Malang

12. Kong-kow Cafe – Malang

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