Opini-nya Farah: Having this account is something that pushing me to travel a lot

Kalau bukan umur segini, mau kapan lagi? Pas punya anak? ­–nyinyir quotes from Anila Tavisha, who always wondering why are people always postponing their plan to traveling?

So yesterday I read this article on detiktravel, while I gained inspiration which article that should be posted on my own account. You can check this article here, “7 Alasan untuk Solo Traveling di Umur 20-an.”

In my opinion, you will feel regret soon if you’re not spending your time to travel, to go somewhere new. I don’t have money. Well, I’m working yet still continue my education, I have lot of things to pay after payday, but I’ll spend my time to travel somewhere. Remember this quote from Dalai Lama?

Source: Here

But I know, travel is not about show off some photos in my social media, get one album with tons of photos, or check in via 4square, path, upload via insta with million hashtags, let your friends know, without any proper information about your destination and useful information. Useless!! Pamer doang!! I have to make my journey memorable yet informative for everyone. And I’m a very messy girl and always procrastinate everything, for instance, writing my journey on my blog. I have to do something.

So, I knew Trip Advisor for so many years ago and helped by some reviews from destination, restaurant, hotel etc from the members.


33.094 total miles travelled

(only) 3% of the world travelled

will gain more next year, ALLAHUMMA AMIIIN!!!

If I can get some useful information from them, why didn’t I do the same thing like them? So, on September 2013 (yeah, I’m a newbie, member less 3 month ago), I signed up as a member (using Facebook). My first review was hotels in Jeju and Seoul. I surprised, many people read my review and even some of ‘em sent me message and asked more about my review. And I’m getting addicted to write more about it.  I know Trip Advisor not only having member from Indonesia. So, I push myself to write it down in Englis, especially destination in Indonesia and well-known by tourists from abroad. I just wrote 1 article in Bahasa Indonesia about restaurant in Fatmawati, because only me who already put a review xD


Banci review, dan ini pun belum semua destinasi yang sudah dikunjungi. Huffft

Within less than 3 month, I gained my badge into Senior Contributor (and will be gained into next level if I post 2 more reviews) , what an honor for me. Now I have to recall my memories every destination that I’ve already visited, and add some photos into it. It takes long time, I should post it routinely.

I still have mountains, beaches, destinations, nice restaurants that I have no t reviewed, I still need time to do. But thank you for the reader, both from my blog or Trip Advisor account. I will always make my review useful by everyone, and trigger someone who always stay in their comfort zone (home, downtown) to step up, and go out, face the world.

Member Trip Advisor: Farah Soraya



Banci setor kaki. Bukan kaki model, maaf ya



Anila Tavisha

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