Postcrossing: One step closer to travel around the world through post card

Postcrossing was quite new for me. After I came back from my first traveling experience (alone) to South Korea and bought nice postcards from there, I’d like to introduce Indonesia via certain media, blog, notes facebook, traveler forum or.. simple thing.. post card.

Then I search which is the best media to answer my curiousity about postcard. In worldwide, I knew Postcrossing. Then I directly signed up. Well, as a newbie, I need to send someone a postcard first, randomly. Maximum 5 postcards. And I send 3 postcards to Netherlands and Rusia. With all my spirits!! I introduced them Indonesia, what to buy, where the great destination in Indonesia and one or two word(s) in Bahasa.

After I sent them, I got postcards randomly from random country and random sender. I love it so much 🙂


Hi Ray, my name is Debby and I’m from the Netherlands. I’m 52 years old and married with Simon. We have two cats, we live in a place called Hellevoetsluis close to the seaside. On the card is a drawing of the light – house of our town. Best wishes and greetings!! Debby


Greetings from Ukraine!! My name is Natalia, I’m 25 years old, I’m a lawyer. I like travelling too. This is the Ruins od Cheersonese, very famous cultural place in Crimes. You should visit it! And this is the national bread on the stamps. So, I hope, I sent you all types of pictures that you wished. Kind regards, Natalie


Beside Postcross-ing, I like to ask someone who is now on long travelling to send me postcard from there. And I’ve got this lovely postcard from Sahara, kyaaaa!!!!


Hi Farah. Greetings from Sahara Desert. Makasih yah udah ikutan kuisnya. Semoga nanti kamu bisa mengunjungi destinasi impian kamu 🙂

Regards, Adam & Susan @Pergidulu

Hehe.. sorry, banci kuis syndrome attacks!! Oke by the way..


Beside “ngemis ngemis” my friend to send me postcard, I’m lil bit narcissistic to send a postcard from the country I travel recently. I failed to send my own postcard from Singapore, I just found strategic post office in Ramkhamhaeng Road – Thailand.



1. Krabi

2. Phi phi Island

3. Chiang Mai

4. Koh Mui

Dan.. GRATISAN!!! >_<


Okay, with the same sender and recipient and the content of this postcard, we should say AMIN together. AAAAAMIIIIIN… for the gratisan.


Now, I’m waiting 1 postcard from no-where, I hope it’ll be somewhere in Africa or.. North Pole.

And now, I’m sending 3 postcards to:



2. Олена Орлова
вул. Тургенєвська 52/58, кв. 35


3. Katerina Makrlikova
Kvitkovice 61
373 84 Dubne


Can’t wait!!

Postcrossing, traveling through postcards 🙂

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