Physically old but mentally young (or childish)

Just read my friend’s tweet that he mentally 26, 1 year older from his real age, then I clicked that quiz because you know, age is sensitive thingy these days (or just me :/ ).

There are 10 questions, and the system guessing how old am I. Then I got this answer, big yeay!!


Younger than reality

I was happy but at the other side I thought.. perhaps this quiz remind me that I’m mentally younger than my real age.

Then my friend tried..


he is 25 hahHe is older than his real age.

So, when someone guessing you age like.. older and/or younger than your real age? What do you think? If older, would you feel proud of you mature.. face or your personality?  If younger, would you feel ashamed because maybe they find your personality not represent your real age?








Anila Tavisha

Lembur di proyek

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