Ask Me Something!!! (but not this question for sure)

I held his hand, another hand still busy with his gadget, his right hand grabbed my hand so tightly.

“I’m playing, and I enjoy this, haha.. Look at this silly question!! Read this!!” He directly gave his smartphone and let me explore his phone. I did not check the questions, but also his messages, photos, etc. He let me do that, but not vice versa.

“Well.. I have a question for you…” I started to make him curious, as usual, with my “hanging” words that always make him guessing what would the words end.

“.. and I don’t need to ask via, am I?”

He nodded and his eyes stared at me, made me nervous, stop..butterfly.. stop flying in my stomach.

“Silakan, cantik.” He knows how to please, and I’m an amateur to reply his effort. I’m flattered.

“Are we something?”

And I saw his eyes blink, I saw he start to lose his control.

And again,.

He.. focused on  his gadget again, as always.

We’re meant to be, but he won’t.

f2da3944a0516f4bdabc84b0c6476d02Source: Pinterest


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