How to Use: OV Chipkaart and Dagkaart

Disclaimer: Ini bukan catatan seorang turis, yang senengnya foto – foto diri di tiap sudut bangunan dan lapangan lalu posting ke media sosial, bukan juga orang yang ikut wisata tur yang datengin ke tempat – tempat yang jadi must – visit – place – when – you – are – in. Ini kebanyakan catatan seorang sepesialis a.k.a ekspret yang ditempatkan di negeri mbaling – mbaling sesuai kebiasaan sehari – harinya kala di sini. Proost!!!!

Based on previous post here

I know maybe some of you are quite familiar with how to use transportation card easily based on your previous trip in several countries.

But for me, this is new experience to visit Europe at the first time and I did feel deg – degan before that I couldn’t use the card properly. Sometimes I felt so much anxiety before experience something new which is LEBAY!!

Hahaha.. next

Then this post is clearly for those who has plan to visit Netherlands and first time experience.

Have you purchased your OV Chipkaart yet? Good!

You can use your OV Card for public transportation such as trams, buses, and trains.

I’ve been told by my colleague here how to use that card but perhaps this information more useful, especially if you are really shy person that doesn’t have any eager to ask someone.

– You have to tap it twice, in and out. You can see this tap machine below:


Source: here

You can see this machine eeeeverywhere in station, in certain point for sure. When you arrive in station, you can tap it for check in, and …. do not.. forget to check out. WHY? If you forget to check out your credit will run normally like you’ve never get out from the station or worst is you have fine 4 – 8 euro for not checking out. I’ve ever checked out improperly then in the bus and I’ve got 4 euro fine based on the distance 😦

– See in which class you’ve registered in your card, klaas 2 or klaas 1. If you want to go by train, make sure that you are in the right class. You can see from “1” or “2” in the body of the train.

– Sometimes there’s staff checking your OV Card in the train.

– When you arrive, do not forget to check out, wherever you find the tap machine.

The same thing works for bus. And the driver will not stop to appointed bus stop if there is no people press STOP button inside the bus. So, make sure you press STOP before arrive to your destination’s bus stop. Make sure you only use for Train if the dagkaart written there ‘Trein’. Should you have another transportation such as bus and tram you can only use OV Chipkaart or ticket that you can purchase from the bus driver (only for bus, using trem with OV Card).

Semoga membantu!!!

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