Free Hugs for You, if You do Trust Me (Champ de Mars Story)

Saya di… PERANCIS (tepatnya di Parisssss!!!!)


I ask you first, when the last time you hug someone… not only someone, you hug a… stranger? You hug them tightly, because you trust them. You don’t put any suspicious tought of them at all. You only know there’s is someone who need a hug, not only because they need to, but to clarify that you trust someone.

I never done that before.

I just haven’t found the perfectly event that made me realize I need to trust someone and hugged them so tight.

Paris has its own color that day, brighter than before. At first, I was quite disappointed with cloudy sky and smooth raining and my heavy duffle back, I was so sleepless and explored alone, all things went wrong and I need to go back to Amersfoort as soon as possible.

I walked through the ‘butt’ of Eiffel Tower took one shot below the tower then I left. Right in the middle of bottom side of the tower, I saw a girl with white jacket, her hands spanned and smile. I read something there under that girl, “I TRUST YOU. DO YOU TRUST ME?”


She doesn’t  (only) a hug, she needs trust from you

She has contagious virus and will infect us when we hug her

I do not know her

I do not trust her

Why is she doing her and offering hug?

She needs a donation

Tell me, what is on your mind when you see her? Negative or positive? Will you hug her? Or just let go and continue your trip?

Then I walked toward her and hugged her then. She murmured ‘thank you.’ and Ieft her.

Free Hugs 1

I walked and hugged her

Bright sun suddenly appeared and I stayed, to see how many people care of her?

One, two, there, man, women, kids, big kid, shy girl.. doubt women, brave man.. Every one towards her. Few people only watched.

Free Hugs 4

Free Hugs 5

Shy kid finally hugged her so long

A guy approached me and offered, “do you want to do this?”



Blindfolded, I do not know who hugged me. Some thought came over my mind while eye closed, what they think when they see me? Offering me hugs.


One, two, three people hugged me. I was in reverse side at that time, someone who need hug, who need to be trusted, who convince and ask people to themselves, do you trust me?




I did not know exactly how long I stood then a guy replaced me.

I mean, two guys replaced me.


Free Hugs 2

Do you want to hug these cute guys? xD

You know, sometime we asked and think too long before to do something.

It’s only hug, but you know the result. Dopamine avalanche through your body.

You know how much people still care about you. When you are blindfolded, you can’t choose people that you want to hug or you DON’T want to hug. But you know, they trust you.


Champ de Mars suddenly brightened my eyes and my mind.

Amersfoort, 5th of May 2015

2 Comments Add yours

  1. desywu says:

    Aku nangis bacanya. Mau ikutan Raayyy. Mau peluk dan dipeluk. Menyebarkan sayang, kedamaian, kepercayaan dan kehangatan.

    1. Aku mau mewek lagi pas nonton videonya, siapa siapa aja yang melukin aku. Asia, Eropa, Kaukasian, anak balita yang digendong ibunya, anak kecil yang malu – malu, seseorang yang memeluk erat, wanita yang berbisik “well done, good job”. Aku bener nggak sangka sebegitu besarnya efek pelukan tersebut. Saat orang yang merekam bilang ini semua dilakukan di seluruh negara, aku sedih nggak sampai Indonesia. Padahal kita harus mengadakan itu, untuk tahu bahwa yang kita butuhkan bukan hanya sekadar pelukan, tapi juga rasa percaya :’) Ooooh I desperately want to do this again, MbakDes…

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