How to Eat in Indonesia


I usually write something about travel abroad but more focus only in itinerary and tips and trick “how to”, but I think I have to do the reverse. For expat or tourist coming to Indonesia and not familiar with what how to eat and how to order in several restaurant or cafe in Indonesia (from warteg to fine fining), kindly see my posting about this issue. For Indonesian or expat, for those who wants to add more information regarding this, with pleasure, you can put some comment here and I will revise it 🙂


Oh I loooooooooove culinary tour!!!! I mean, sometime I spend my time to go to other type of restaurant like fast food in certain countries, cafe and resto, fine dining, and I like when I found some thing different types of service and tipping from each countries. My first travel without my poppa and momma was in South Korea and noticed that I need to clean my own dish, and also in several fast food and resto. And when I stay here, I think in reverse way, and perhaps it is wise to share to you.. hi expat.. if you want to eat something, what type of resto you will go and how’s it working in Indonesia.


  1. Fast food restaurant (Mc Donalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut etc)


You will be served well from your first steps until your last. This is Indonesia, every one will throw a smile at you. Staff will open the door and welcome you, it’s not really common you find in charge staff stay in front of the door, but often you find it, especially in Pizza Hut.


When you order french fries, unfortunately we do not have frite sauce to accompany your fries.

When you order package with burger, that will be with fries and beverage.

When you order package with chicken, that will be with rice and beverage. Because we eat rice as main meal.

We are really love sauce!! Sambal and also tomato sauce. Different with your country (perhaps), you can get your sauce for freeeeee, you don’t have to pay for it. If you spend 0,5 euro for sauce, you can have your free sauce, unlimited.


If you dine – in, you’ll find 2 pumps, written there chili sauce and tomato sauce,  you only pump it how much you like, few resto provide very small container to be filled with your sauce. You can take one, two, theree containers it’s all up to you.


Source: here

If you take away – you’ll satisfy with this. Because staff automaticaly put few chili and sauce sachets, and you can also ask them tou give you extra sauce, which is they put 2 – 3 sachets. Isn’t that great?


You don’t have to clean your meal. Staff will clean this. Yeah if you can do it yourself is okay but it looks quite weird surround us as a local people. So let your unfinished meal on the table and staff will clean it for you.


No need gratuities

  1. Warung Tegal (Warteg)

Ah, I bet you never experienced this in your country but you have to. I love warteg!! Because you will have MUCH of foods and you can’t resist it that you’re really want to choose more than 3 menus. Just simple thing, you come to the staff (they don’t wear any uniform so just pay attention with local people having conversation with). You can appoint everything you want, they will put lot of rice on your plate and put your menus (fish, vegetables, chickens, etc) on rice.  Nowadays, lot of warteg pay attention with their cleanliness – they’re using showcase or cabinet from glass to get rid from flies. And I suggest you to not paying with 100,000 IDR or 50,000. Because the total you pay will be less than 20,000 or 25,000 and sometimes they difficult to have changes.

No need gratuities

  1. Coffeeshop Franchise (Starbucks, Excelso, Coffee Bean) or any coffee shop

Well, it’s almost same with fast food resto. If you finish your meal, just let it.

*pssst.. here’s the trick, unlike Starbucks in Europe – if you order Venti Size of Tea, you can choose whether you want all 2 teabags into the glass or not, if you only need 1 teabag in your cup, than another one will be given for you. I do not know but it’s quite different here, I feel enough to use 1 bag but I didn’t get another one 😦


Gratuities is optional


  1. Restaurant in mall (whatever it is, QQ Kopitiam, Sunny Side Up, Abuba Steak,Bebek Tepi Sawah, etc)

You just sit, waitress come to you, you can order whatever you like. You may ask what kind of food or beverage is that, but do not expect they can explain you well in English 🙂

Gratuities is optional, you can give it to them after the payment, inside the bill case (I do not its name, haha)

  1. Wine and Beer Restaurant (is it call fine dining?)

Well actually I only came for two – three times in this kind of place. Waitress serves you in private. Some time they come to you to ask whether the meal is good or not. It’s typical western people in restaurant isn’t it? But if you have any complain regarding the food, oh trust meeeee.. Instead of offended they’re more feeling guilty. They tend to say sorry several times.

Gratuities is optional, you can give it to them after the payment, inside the bill case (I do not its name, haha)

That is all so far. I’d like to add more if I have any idea


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