Blablacar, my savior while light and cheap travel during EuroTrip



Howdy!! Okay, back to English posting, since I realized few of my readers quite expanding to worldwide reader so.. it’s better to post in English sometime.

But one of the reason for sure, because blablacar most commonly known for international ride than national ride. In Indonesia, we have nebengers, eben though I am not quite familiar with that because I never involved in their activities, but giving my perspective about hitch hiking with blablacar.

Actually I knew blablacar from my colleague, she said that some long journey from certain countries can be reached by  blablacar, it is really low cost for sure – but quite risky, she said. She never tried here, and in Indonesia not really familiar with hitch hiking like that.

My curiosity started while I arrived in Netherlands and found that bus price during weekend was really high cost, especially to Brussels and Paris, naaah.. I didn’t want to use Thalys fo sure, I would be run out of money instantly.

And then I started to sign up in I read all of trust

How I begin with blablacar as a passenger?

Of course I’ll be a passenger, because I don’t have a car (at least for Europe journey), so I will be 100% passenger instead of rider/driver.

1. Sign Up first in (I apologize that all of the print screen will be in Dutch, it is automatically appear now in my browser) 😦


Now I can change it into English, yeay!!!

2. Do  not forget to verify your number and you email address. If you are a passenger, rider can refuse you to be their passenger, vice versa, if you are a rider and not verify your email address, you have less trust from your co – driver/ passenger.

Blablacar Dash board

And you can setting your Rideshare preferences, are you smoking? are you BLA (less talk), BLA BLA (talkative when in mood) or BLA BLA BLA (really talkative). The point is, COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE!! 😉

3. Find a Ride!!

That’s the nicest part! I’ve ever went from Amersfoort to Assen with only 10 euro! When I used train, it costs 22.20 euro ONE WAY!! And I only paid more than 50% using blablacar. The rider was also very nice with his daughter (halo John, hoe hat geet?). And more than 5 ridesharing was really cut my expenses.

You can click “Find a Ride”, put your destination and from where and see which ride that suits for you.

Find a ride blablacar

You can set also based on your depart date. And walla.. 6 euro from Amersfoort to Antwerp. If you are using train it costs approx. 22 euro something and you only paid 6 GBP or approx 8 EUR for 1 way!!

If you can’t find your preferred time, you can click Email Alert, they can give you alert if they have ride options that suits you.

4. You choose!!

Let is say I choose Peter V for my ride to Antwerpen, at 5 a.m , you can click “NEW! Book Online”, you can pay from Credit Card once the driver approve you. But if you  have any inquiries you can write it down on “Public Question”, the question will be sent to driver’s mobile phone and they will immediately reply your question from blablacar account.

Actually, IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE DRIVER WHO ALREADY HAVE RATINGS. I’ve failed to go with the rider because they were really amateur, new user, unrated and not really professional so they cancel their ride prior notice.

5. Ride and share!!

Once rider approved, you can text them through SMS to make appointment especially for meeting point.

6. Do not forget to rate

Rating blablacar

It is really important to leave the rider rating for your riding experience. Both, whether you are rider or passenger, need rating, because it gains trust from other people in blablacar.

So, do not forget to put rating, and be honest for sure.

Now I am going to Experienced Level within less than 2 months. It is really fun to have rideshare with them. Some are bad experienced (with unproffesional rider), but most of them were very nice.

So, any question? 😉

Let’s ridesharing!!

Hei, do not expect you can get ride offering through Indonesia, please find it in “nebengers” if the journey you wish is in Indonesia 😉

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Blablacar seakan jadi teman perjalanan yang murah meriah bagi anak anak perantau 😀 Sekian banyak perjalanan yang saya lalui menumpang Mitfahrgelegenheit (blablacar) belum pernah ada pengalaman buruk, selalu lancar jaya…

    1. Ih mau dong ceritanya ttg blablacar, share ya di blog, ditunggu 😀

  2. lidia says:

    maaf kalo saya ga salah nangkep, jadi blablacar ini kayak uber ya mbak? ini bayarnya cuma bisa pake cc saja ya mbak? kalo cash bisa ga? trus cuma bisa buat di holand saja atau bisa ke negara tetangga?

    1. Kalo Uber kayak taksi.Kalo Blablacar kayak hitch hike atau menumpang tapi bayar. Oh ya, kayak nebengers versi international. hehe
      Kalau di Asia sepertinya belum terlalu booming tapi kalau di Eropa udah common banget pakai blablacar

  3. Dyah says:

    Wah, baru denger ada Blablacar. Boleh juga nih. (Langsung catet, siapa tahu ada rejeki bisa ke Eropa.)

    1. Amiiin… terima kasih sudah berkunjung ya Mbak 🙂

  4. riizzworld says:

    Kl bayar on the spot kira2 bisa tdk ya,…nice bgt ni blablacar,…
    Oh iya, max brp orang ya yg bs nebengers? Thanks

  5. riizzworld says:

    Max ini blablacar unt berapa orang ya? Kalau untuk payment bisa on the spot tdk ya? Mksh banyak…

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