Uber Taxi, Alternative Private Transportation in Indonesia

Code referall to get 75,000 IDR: uberfarahsoraya when you have first ride with Uber Taxi

I need to pay at least 180,000 IDR (exclude toll pay 16,000 IDR) for my trip from Tangerang to my office in Fatmawati using regular taxi.

I need to pay at least 100,000 IDR for my trip from Tangerang to my site in BSD using regular taxi.


I only need to pay about 80,000 IDR (INCLUDE toll) for my trip from Tangerang to my office in Fatmawati using UBER Taxi.

And I only need to pay about 45,000 IDR  from Tangerang to my site in BSD using regular taxi.

Does it look like really huge differences?

Since 1 month ago, now I am officially regular Uber Taxi user. When I feel really lazy (and mostly lazy as its best) to drive my own car, I will use Uber Taxi. I also use bus as usual, but in certain cases, their arrival schedules are not clear yet, in rush hour and meeting schedule I prefer to use private transportation. From more than 20 rides I’ve made, I rarely experience bad thing from Uber (okay, there is, but only 1 and I gave him rate 2).

What you need is only download Uber Taxi and Sign up. Noted here that.. payment system is using Credit Card, so really, make sure you have Credit Card, LOL.

For first time user, usually Uber gives you 100,000 IDR Credit, just check it from email, isn’t that great?

In my place and few place I checked, lots of Uber surrounds you. If you are looking for ride, you can just click Request Uber – X, well actually premium ride from Uber is Uber Black, but really rarely here (yeah you can see, Avanza or Ertiga vs Mercedes Benz?).


It detects your location with nearby Uber drivers

If they already found a driver for you, here is my tips, there is no official rules who call who first, it is not similar with Go-Jek that driver will call your once you book the ride, so it is wise to call driver first because..

DO NOT TRUST ETA (Estimate Time Arrival) ON SCREEN, at all!!

Why? I face this issue several times than I take it as lesson learned, 2 minutes from you doesn’t mean literally 2 minutes, it might 2 minutes if system pull straight line from where you are to driver, the system can’t see or doesn’t care with traffic. So, I recommend you to call.

Per 7 September 2015, every toll fees is paid by riders, not drivers. Ah too bad 😦

So if  you already have ride with the drivers, enjoy it!

Gratituities accepted here, you may give the driver tip when you satisfy with the ride. Once you are not satisfy,  Uber Support will reply response mail quite fast.


My first Uber ride and it was free :*

So, make sure:

  1. Sign Up with valid Credit Card
  2. Hopefully you get 100,000 IDR from Uber for your signing up
  3. Do not trust ETA, at all. Call driver first
  4. 75,000 IDR Credit more? Input: uberfarahsoraya on PROMOTIONS, Remember, put the code prior you book your first ride.

For Bali, there are some restriction for servie area in Canggu, Kerobokan, Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Tuban, Sanur, Denpasar, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. So, no drop off there. Source: https://newsroom.uber.com/indonesia/id/2015/08/bali-service-area-update/


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ibrahim says:

    gw jadi pengguna uber, dari beberapa bulan mereka ada di Jakarta… buat gua, menolong sekali…. dan lebih, aman…. urusan kantor, beberapa kali pake Uber, dan kalo di reimburse ke kantor, pas jadnya.

    1. Apa kantor dirimu udah support Uber Corporate apa belum? Kalo udah, kece banget!

      1. Ibrahim says:

        officaly belom… tp secara terselubung… udah .. 🙂

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