When I’ve reduced my friends on Facebook

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I think this is my first time writing a blog based on my true story. I am humbled to say I don’t need any opinion or intervention. Express what it feels having your closed friends on Facebook and keep maintain all relationship together in real  life.

I’ve signed up Facebook since almost 10 years ago, migration from Friendster and found this social media became more interesting than my previous account. Back in the day, having thousands of friends – ‘til Facebook couldn’t handle it – and Facebook put “FULL” at the end of our name was.. one of my dream,  well yeah as a teenager at that time *psst doesn’t mean I am old enough, just mature lol* -à I know not all teenager has the same dream like I was, existence took part in me as a girl who couldn’t communicate well with everyone verbally.

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Joined with several communities,active in organizations in campus, approved their Friend Request, add few artists or singers that I like – they have several accounts and always with FULL status -, my Friend List were increased. My Friend List on Facebook ever reached almost 2000, but it was still far away to get  FULL status. I’ve inactivated Facebook many times too, because its get too addictive but I’ve had my own priority.

Back in early 2015 – 2016 I wasn’t really active on Facebook, I just connected from my Instagram to Facebook and checked irregularly just to make sure I have comments in inquiries form. Shared my published blog mostly from Twitter. Twitter is my main account to share my blog.

Massive issue spread social media recently, I am not telling you but if you are Indonesian you should know what it is. Friends became foe, relatives didn’t wanna meet each other during family gathering. I kept get rid of this social media but I still keen on Facebook Group especially International and National Traveling Group. It gave me positive energy and also I could be more useful to give information about countries I’ve visited. I saw my brother involved in virtual debate, I starred in my friend’s provocative status, I read my collague shared meme or post, I smiled seeing my cousin with her baby, I giggled reading my junior shared 9gag post.

In this moment, I am not actually friends with them..

It is not because all of their opinion or what they posted, but I realized not all of my friends on Facebook are my friends.

We never actually said hi, nor we meet directly. On Facebook we never interract each other even for a tiny comment.

We’ve met directly, but we never actually said hi nor interract.

We never met each other, but we are really active interract each other. I keep them.

We have our own boundaries or do/don’t things to do in social media. But this is such an enormous in virtual world and it is unwritten rules we need to do in social media. Then this rules becomes an assumption. We set our rules based on what we want to, not we need to do. We lose our empathy to do things in social media, words like “ini kan akun akun gue kok lo yang ribet?” becomes boomerang for the user and time bomb and it will explode soon.

So now, if I can set my own rules too. Here’s a thing I’ve done few days ago. I decreased amount of my friends on Facebook, including people who are slightly interract or NEVER interact each other, and yeah it was from 1700 to 400 something. I can’t dictate everyone to remind them do and don’ts in virtual world. So I prefer to surrender and extract all people inside my circle who knows me well, interact with me often, posting something funny, entertaining and informative, gain something that I don’t know, travel blogger, fashion blogger, food blogger you name it. Because this people are markedly will consider several times and THINK before they post something.

I embody informative and entertaining atmosphere on my Facebook account.

At the end, there are so many people you knew and very nice to you, but you just need to know them in real world without having connection with them in social media.




Anila Tavisha  in sober state


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