Never Stop Learning in Videography using Smartphone Workshop in Allium Hotel Tangerang

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I remember it was 1,5 years ago I met Teguh Sudarisman in Travel Blogging Workshop and he mentioned about his plan to teach Videography using Smartphone.

Now, here I am, 1,5 years later attending his workshop about Videography using Smartphone. What a commitment!

Okay, now let’s talk about the workshop. It is located in Allium Hotel in Tangerang. It is nearby my house so that’s why I decided to register due to its location and also huge curiousity about Videography.

Don’t underestimate you own gadget. I do underestimate my capability of my smartphone and I know it is totally wrong. I shouldn’t do that. I just did not know how to optimize my feature on my smartphone to create nice and memorable videography.

New friends! This is the most interesting part beside gain new knowledge and skill, new friend. Few of them I’ve met before in previous workshop, but light chit chat with other bloggers are never go wrong (and I hardly forgot when I starved and a blogger gave us a snack, yeay!)

The Workshop. It started with theory and basic knowledge about what is videography, why do you need to start learning make great video in compared with statistical data. I found  no mistake at all in this statement when we realized there are so many vloggers out there and people tends to upload video on Instagram ,whether it is Instagram Story, boomerang or just directly post it.

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I was more focus with this subject rather than my subject in college

But the challenge is: how can you make nice video and optimize your gadget to get superb result of your video?

Power Director. Few days Prior workshop, Teguh Sudarisman asked us to do these things: using Android O/S or please borrow first to someone you know, install Power Director and watch the instructions there how to use it. The earlier you watch instructions, you know slightly about what is this apps about. It can help you to  not really awkward and confuse to use it.

Image result for power director apps

Credit by: Google Play

Theory has given by Teguh Sudarisman and we are in the most exciting part: PRACTICE yeayness!! (I won’t forget to let you know Allium Hotel has yummy sambosa and muffin for coffee break. Thanks!)

Helpful staff from Allium Hotel accompanied us to start our technical part. Separated with 2 teams, we started to sightseeing surrounds hotel and we have few minutes to record our video for frames prior merged it into 1 video. First place we’ve visited was the room. It was spacious room with nice view and even work area and lovely bathroom. We gave chance to other bloggers to record and we did that one by one so all of blogger got their nice shot.

Next area was a lobby. It was really nice area with unique dome like beehive and wait for it.. it was reflected to the floor so it looked even nicer. Trust me, lobby area at night even lovely and I captured it. I asked concierge staff to greet us and I recorded, my apology Mbak if I took your time 😀 but it was pleasure to record her.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-12 at 4.43.25 AM (2)

Reflected dome beehive looks – alike was really stunning

Swimming pool was really fun area; it was located in the corner nearby park area. But trust me, this area still provides your personal space so they have wall with vertical plant on it. I’ve hit the best picture here because direct sunlight helped a lot to maximize lighting.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-12 at 4.43.25 AM (3)

I’ve got perfect shot and proper lighting here in Swimming Pool Area lol

Lyon Cafe. OMG I am so in love with this cafe!! I was so in love till when workshop finished I decided to stay here with Teguh Sudarisman and enjoying our time at night. I shot lots of video here because I fell in love with Lyon Cafe. This part took majority part of my video, lol!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thin Pizza in Lyon Cafe taste superbbbb!!

It is wrapped and after lunch Teguh Sudarisman started to tutor us how to use Power Director apps to make perfect video. It was really fun even I shut my mouth and talkless because I was too focus to change effects, search nice music in my playlist and cut unwanted frame. I could feel excitement from other bloggers during this session.

After all, bloggers obligated to post it through social media and we watched our result together and appreciate a lot with positive vibes from participants. The best 4 videos was chosen and won lunch voucher in Lyon Cafe omg I want it so much!

I’ve had pleasant impression and it will be last longer after this workshop ended.  I can’t expect of my own  gadget’s feature. Supported by few additional accessories (e.g tripod, microphone jack or even stabilizer) will make your video waaaay to perfect!

1 hour is definitely not enough to do, but after all what we need further is learning by ourselves if this is your passion. Teguh Sudarisman, TravelXpose Magazine and Allium Hotel never forced you to be a great videographer after this workshop. But if you are really into this interest, you have lots of time to learn a lot from tutorial videos, lots of event to be recorded and make it to your personal project as your learning material.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-12 at 4.43.25 AM

Believe me, lobby area can be more photogenic at night

Thank you so much for the chance you gave to me joining this amazing workshop dear Allium Hotel Tangerang, TravelXpose Magazine and also Teguh Sudarisman.


You may check my video using Power Director on my Instagram here



Anila Tavisha





aAll pictures *except those written below the picture* are my personal documentation

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  1. sudarisman says:

    Nice post. Thanks! Too bad you did not mention your curcol letter 😃😃.

    1. Eh bagian itu mah khusus karena dirimu sepesial pake telor, harus ada di lapak lain Mas 🙂

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