Culinary Review: Fat Cat Cafe

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Attention: Due to lost memory on my phone *like.. massive lost ’til Factory Reset and it is still didn’t work* so my documentations are not really much but you can check on my Instagram I put simple video there about this place here in @anilatavisha

Located in front of Mall Metropolis in Tangerang, this place looks really strategic even it is really reachable using public transportation. This is the first good thing because you can easily find this place.

This place has tiny space, for 2 persons, 4 persons or even loyal solo seater *like me*. They have – I’m pretty sure – huge Neko Atsume wallpaper which I love it a lot since I adore kitten and Neko Atsume. For me, Fat Cat is one of the place you can consider to be your workspace, especially for those who feels comfort work outside.

Let’s give it try for the menu here.

They offer toast, garlic bread, chicken wings as appetizer or snack. Rice, noodles and beehun are their main course also with veggies.


Toast with Cheese

I’ve tried toast with cheese, toast with peanut butter and chocolate and toast only with peanut butter. Overall it  taste good. I like Toast with Cheese but Toast only with Peanut Butter tempted me. It is not written in menu because I like it without chocolate sprinkles. It is recommended as your snack or breakfast (since they open their cafe from 8 a.m)


Rice with Blackpepper

Rice with blackpepper taste really yummm!! This is my recommended dish. It is blackpepper on top of the rice and they have similar menu like this with few toppings on top of the rice (rice bowl). Rice with sambal matah taste good but rice with egg salted chicken is one my of recommendation beside this dish.


Hot Cappuccino

I am very keen on with coffee, no matter what place is it, as long as I see coffee machine and coffee been I will be thrilled to try their coffee. I tried caramel latte (or hazelnut I forgot lol) it taste good, but I am not really into sweet coffee so I stay with Cappuccino. I’ve ever tried affogato here and I sipped its shot but never really taste what kind of coffee it was. But so far it taste good and you can try it with one cup of ice cream that mingle with the espresso. Cappuccino is my fave one until now. It has smooth yet slightly foam and they still put the foam even in iced cappuccino. Few places are not put their foam because they mixed it already or just look like really tiny foam, but these are good – both cold and hot. No sugar added will be better. Trust me.

If you want to explore new places or new space for your work, you can consider to come here.They have several selection from snack, appetizer til main course. Frankly they have good ambience you can  do you work or anything nicely.


+ strategic place, easily to reach through public transportation

+ nice ambience

+ friendly staff and owner

+ affordable price

+ good coffee (Cappuccino makes some addiction and I forget fancy cafe one)

+ yummy rice bowl

+ fast wifi



* long opening hour, especially weekend (I don’t mind stay there til 12:00 a.m lol

* use baguette bread instead of toast bread for garlic bread

* i expected regular chicken wings and lil bit surprised with this dish

*more various menu and beverages (such as pasta, other variant of tea)



Closed out picture wit my sis lol

Fat Cat

Ruko Modern Arcade, TMA B/18

Jalan Hartono Raya, Perumahan Kota Modern, Modernland

Tangerang, 15117

021- 5578 1574

Opening Hours

Weekdays: 08.00 – 21.00

Weekend: 08.00 – 22.00

All pictures are taken from myself. If I see these pictures without source somewhere that would be without my permission.

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